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Weirdest Objects Fought Over In Celebrity Divorces

Huffington Post     First Posted: 04/26/11 02:47 PM ET   Updated: 06/26/11 06:12 AM ET

Some things are fought about in just about every celebrity divorce: property (sometimes several), money (lots of it), and children (naturally). But in particularly contentious divorces, exes often choose to sweat the small stuff, battling for custody of pets, art, and--in one case--kitchenware. Click through our picks and weigh in about what objects you fought over when #splittingthestuff

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  • Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

    Of the many accusations slung in Denise Richards' and Charlie Sheen's divorce battle, this one might just be the weirdest: In August 2007, Sheen told <em>Entertainment Tonight</em> that Richards wanted his sperm. According to the embattled star, Richards had e-mailed his then-fiance Brooke Mueller defending her obscure request. "Dear Brooke, I don't want to have a baby with Charlie," the supposed <a href="" target="_hplink">e-mail read</a>. "I am having a baby in the next year. By myself ... my girlfriend suggested Charlie be the donor. So, I did bring this up to him. There are so many couples having unhealthy children. Charlie and I have very beautiful healthy children together. I was strictly looking for a sperm donor if it's any of your business. If it were him, I said we would sign a document that he couldn't come after me and I couldn't come after him. ... This wasn't to have sex with him, it was him donating. ... That's it. I didn't want him to tell you at this time because it was something very personal that I'm doing myself." Richards denied writing the e-mail on the <em>Today Show.</em> "That email is not legitimate," <a href="" target="_hplink">she said</a>. "I would never send an email to his...girlfriend, and, at the time of that email I was with Richie [Sambora]. If I wanted anybody's sperm, I'd have asked for Richie's."

  • Victoria Duffy and Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper made headlines when he <a href="" target="_hplink">filed to divorce</a> his estranged wife, Victoria Duffy, while on his deathbed in January 2010. In the bitter proceedings that followed--and continued up until the actor's death in May 2010--the pair fought over dozens of shared items, including sculptures by Robert Graham and Banksy, and a portrait by Andy Warhol. Duffy recently <a href="" target="_hplink">filed a lawsuit</a> against Hopper's Trust, demanding that her exercise bike, butcher's block, juicer, rosebushes, and--wait for it--asparagus tongs be returned to her.

  • David Thomson and Laurie Ludwick

    The chairman of Thomson Reuters served his second wife, Laurie Ludwick, with <a href="" target="_hplink">divorce papers</a> on the day their son was born. A contentious and sensationalized divorce followed, during which Thompson "or his agents" were alleged to have "entered the family home (which Ludwick was occupying) and take jewelry, a Rolex watch, Christmas decorations, and Thomson's extensive collection of paintings, including Turners, Picassos, Rothkos, and Constables. According to <a href=",news-comment,news-politics,the-fine-art-of-divorce,2#ixzz1KCfuNJQv" target="_hplink">court documents</a>, Thomson accused his estranged wife of "threatening a Paul Klee and harming a Constable."

  • Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin

    Ron Perelman's marriage to his fourth wife, actress Ellen Barkin, lasted five years, and netted Barkin a reported $20 to $60 million in <a href="" target="_hplink">the settlement</a>. In return, Barkin was <a href=",news-comment,news-politics,the-fine-art-of-divorce#ixzz1KCfT9S3z" target="_hplink">ordered to surrender</a> her share of a mysterious, undisclosed "jointly owned asset," worth around $5 million. To this day, the "asset" is still unknown.