04/26/2011 07:44 am ET | Updated Jun 26, 2011

'World War Z': Mireille Enos In Talks To Play Brad Pitt's Wife

Three years, a desperate search for $125 million and a few rewrites later, Brad Pitt may just have his newest leading lady.

Deadline reports that Mireille Enos, featured in HBO's "Big Love" and star of AMC's new hit, "The Killing," is in talks to play Pitt's wife in the long-brewing big screen adaptation of the zombie war book, "World War Z."

In the film, Pitt will play a journalist documenting the aftermath of a bloody zombie-human war that took place a decade earlier. It's a bit of a departure from Max Brooks' hit book, which Pitt optioned three years ago; in the novel, the main character is an investigator for the UN.

The project hit the skids for a while given its high price tag and Paramount's reluctance to foot the entire bill. With new financiers brought aboard, though, it seems all systems are a go for Pitt and Enos to explore what is left of the human world.

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