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Anyone who's ever had to raise a sensitive or difficult subject knows there's nothing like humor to break the ice. Armed with this approach, the non-profit Ad Council has, over the years, developed a number of very funny public service ads that seek to educate and inform about all kinds of serious issues -- such as obesity, cancer, and adoption.

Click through this video slideshow and laugh your way through venereal disease and high school dropout rates. You'll not only laugh, you'll probably learn something.

Ads For Good From Ad Council
"Cheerleader" (Fatherhood Involvement)
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More than 79% of Americans feel "the most significant family or social problem facing America is the physical absence of the father from the home." Research shows that the lack of a father in the home correlates closely with crime, educational and emotional problems, teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse. This ad is a lighthearted prompt to fathers to become involved and spend more time with their children.
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