Historic American Hotels: 8 Timeless Seaside Retreats

04/27/2011 05:21 pm ET | Updated Jun 14, 2012

It seemed to take forever this year, but spring has finally started to arrive. Warm weather and sunshiney days can only mean one thing: beach season is coming! So, in between downing celery sticks and logging major treadmill time to be bathing suit ready, it's time to plan a seaside escape. This year, instead of staying at the same condo that hasn't seen an interior designer since the days of disco, think about staying at an even more historic locale.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many grand beach retreats were built along America's coasts. Often they existed to provide wealthy tycoons with a place to escape the big city.

Here are just eight such resorts where historic elegance still exists.

Photo: Casa Monica Hotel

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