04/28/2011 03:07 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge Park Marriage Proposal Accidentally Captured By Time-Lapse Videographer

We like this video a lot. For starters, the sheer serendipity of a time-lapse videographer capturing a marriage proposal is, well, adorable. The now bride-to-be screams "oh my god" about a hundred times and strangers walking by shout out their congratulations. And as if it weren't already a wonderful, little New York moment, it's perfectly framed against a sunset along the East River, the couple mere silhouettes against the skyline.

Gothamist found it today when Brooklyn Bridge Park tweeted, "did you get engaged in BBP last Saturday? Your accidental videographer is looking for you." (The video was not actually from last Saturday but from Saturday, March 26th). On the YouTube page where the video is posted, the videographer writes "On a saturday afternoon, in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, shooting a timelapse of the Manhattan skyline. By chance, in my framing a man proposed to a woman."

And although some people are already crying that it was probably staged or part of some ploy to get YouTube views, BBP assures us on Twitter it's 100% authentic. Let's hope for cuteness's sake, it is.