04/28/2011 10:28 am ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Colbert Defends Sean Hannity Against Anderson Cooper (VIDEO)

When Sean Hannity aired his special on liberal media bias, he used more than a few "artfully" cut clips to illustrate his point. Anderson Cooper took particular exception to a clip from his show that was taken out of context and used to illustrate the supposed liberal media's prejudice against former president Bush.

However, in his statement, Cooper explained that he wasn't out to call another network anchor names in order to launch a "mutually beneficial ratings brew-ha-ha...", which of course, rankled Colbert. After all, what's the point of there being other networks if you can't wage an ad-sales-boosting war against them?

So where Anderson Cooper failed, Stephen Colbert was determined to succeed. Hopefully, Colbert adding Cooper to his Absurd-U Chart is just the beginning of an epic inter-cable network skirmish.