Emory Revokes AEPhi Charter After Hazing Investigation

04/29/2011 06:56 am ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Emory University’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi had its charter revoked after a months-long investigation into alleged hazing, the Emory Wheel reported in an article on Tuesday.

The university ultimately decided to ban the sorority because “sufficient evidence was discovered that verified that the hazing in AEPhi was systematic and ongoing,” said Eric Hoffman, Emory's Director of Student Conduct . “The investigation also revealed that the hazing was pervasive throughout the chapter and the leadership, where dozens of individual members were actively engaged in it or knowledge acquiescing in it.”

The sorority received a “cease and desist” probationary notice in February after the group was put under investigation for possibly violating the university’s no-tolerance policy towards hazing. However, the sorority violated the terms of the probationary period by hosting an unapproved event.

But even in light of the violation, members of the sorority did not expect the university’s decision to be so harsh. “We assumed our sanctions would be severe but ... assumed closure would not be an option since we have no prior disciplinary issues,” Cheslin told the Wheel.

AEPhi filed an appeal offering to review members and conduct anti-hazing programming once sanctions against the sorority were confirmed on April 8th. The investigation had concluded on April 4th, and Cheslin says her organization was not made privy to the university’s methodology throughout the process. She told the Wheel that because of this, and because AEPhi nationals were not consulted, it was difficult for sorority officials to build a case for their organization.

According to Hoffman, however, Emory officials were in touch with AEPhi’s national office throughout the investigation. 

The Wheel’s editorial board criticized the university’s rejection of AEPhi’s offer to host anti-hazing programs, and it’s singling out of one organization without considering an institution-wide review.

AEPhi will not be considered for reinstatement until 2015.

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