04/28/2011 04:23 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Mark Cuban Flips Out At Kerry Eggers, Portland Tribune Sports Columnist

An object hit Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in the face during Game 3 of the Mavericks-Trail Blazers first-round playoff series. When Cuban was asked about what the object was by Portland Tribune columnist Kerry Eggers, the owner exploded and lashed out at Eggers.

The interview began with Eggers asking Cuban if he knew what hit him. Cuban said that something hit him and the "pretty lady next to me jumped."

After Eggers asked him what hit him again, Cuban lost his composure.

"What the (expletive) does it matter?” Cuban asked. “Does it make a damn bit of difference at this point? Does it make a damn bit of difference at this point?”

Eggers told Cuban that he sounded "irritated," which caused him to go on another rant.

"Yeah, because it’s a dumb-ass question,” he said. “What’s the point of bringing it up? Are you going to go find somebody? Are you going to hunt the person down? … Ask me a real question.”

Cuban apologized shortly after his outburst.