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Mark Halperin Makes An Omission

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It looks like it's all been all but decided that part of the important work of political touts circa April 2011 is to reckon why no Republicans seem to want to "take on" President Barack Obama. Conveniently, the existence of Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and a host of others gets forgotten in these ruminations. But, okay? Here's Time's Mark Halperin, giving his brief on the matter:

Most Republican brainiacs fear that potent GOP talking points about high gas prices, health care quagmires and stubborn unemployment will evaporate in the face of Obama’s fundraising and political talent and the advantages of incumbency. Running for President often means giving up your day job, and it always means unrelenting (and possibly life-changing) scrubbing from political opponents and the media.

Of course, a component of that "unrelenting scrubbing" from the media is that Mark Halperin will write a howlingly misogynistic book about the campaign that relentlessly ridicules female politicians and the spouses of male candidates. This is one of the specific reasons that there isn't a "John Thune Presidential Exploratory Committee" at this very moment.

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