Chris Christie Addresses Future Teachers At Harvard

04/29/2011 07:05 pm ET | Updated Jun 29, 2011

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed hundreds of students at Harvard's Graduate School of Education Friday.

According to Bloomberg, Christie was met with a standing ovation when he entered the auditorium.

He delivered a speech about the need for a "revolution" in American education, making his case for reforms that tie teacher evaluations to students' test scores, make it easier to fire ineffective teachers and end tenure.

In a thinly veiled criticism of teachers unions, Christie said,

"We have an education system that is set up for the ease, comfort and security of those who operate it."

The Republican governor repeatedly butts heads with New Jersey union leaders, who object to his reforms.

Despite the governor's controversial status, he received a warm reception.

According to,

[New Jersey Education Association spokesman Steve] Wollmer called the Harvard audience "sympathetic," pointing to an article in The Boston Globe today that said the Graduate School of Education was moving toward results-based approach to schools.

According to the school, there is no bias.

Harvard has hosted other speakers on both sides of the education reform debate, saying "we welcome controversy and we think...ideas should be discussed and debated."

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