Colbert Waits For Royal Wedding Invitation In London (VIDEO)

04/29/2011 08:34 am ET | Updated Jun 29, 2011

Still expecting to get his invitation to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at any minute, Stephen Colbert packed up his entire "Report" set and traveled to London, where he had it reconstructed in exact detail for Thursday's show. Not convinced he was actually in England? Then how do you explain the presence of football hooligans, authentic British fish and chips or the fog rolling in from the Thames?

For those of us who have proven immune to Royal Wedding Fever, Colbert's ongoing preparations for his arrival at the wedding have proven to be a welcome antidote to the non-stop coverage. After all, is there anything more pro-American than ruining a British tea service?

Watch Colbert prove he's broadcasting from London below. We're not sure if he ever made it to the wedding, but he was definitely, absolutely, 100% in England.