04/29/2011 01:05 pm ET | Updated Jun 29, 2011

Cabs Want Fare Hike To Match Rising Gas Prices

As gas prices climb to higher and higher heights, driving to Brooklyn has become an expensive chore for yellow cab drivers.

On Wednesday, a Bed-Stuy Patch report listed the price per gallon for regular gas at a Bed-Stuy station at $4.09. By Thursday, the next day, the price of regular gas at that same station already had increased by 6 cents, kicking the price up to $4.12.

As a result of the soaring price of petroleum, yellow taxi cab drivers, who have to pay for their own gas, are taking home less and less of the money they pocket to offset the cost of fuel. And they are asking for some help -- a 15 percent hike in cab fare, about $1.50 per ride.

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