05/02/2011 04:52 pm ET | Updated Jul 02, 2011

13 Strangest Ways People Found Out Bin Laden Died

When Osama bin Laden died yesterday, news traveled fast. From shouts on rooftops to simple phone calls and texts, the Web or television, there were many ways people learned the news.

Curious to see the most common ways people found out, we asked our Facebook fans, "How did you learn that Osama bin Laden had died?"

Thousands responded (and you can vote here), but what we didn't expect was the ways people found out beyond our 10 choices. Some of those responses were too good not to share.

Based on those responses, here are some of the strangest ways people learned that bin Laden had died. It's clear people had a wide range of ways to discover the news.

Know someone who found out in a strange way, maybe even yourself? Tell us in the comments below.

13 Strangest Ways People Find Out