Phil Campbell Convention Turns Into Relief Effort For Tornado-Hit Alabama Town

05/02/2011 06:58 pm ET | Updated Jul 19, 2011

What started as a plan to assemble dozens of people with the same name for fun has turned into a mission to help a small Alabama town leveled by last week's tornadoes.

Created by an New York man named Phil Campbell, the Phil Campbell Convention is a celebration of people with names that are derivatives of Phil Campbell, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The first convention took place in 1995, bringing together 22 male Phil Campbells and one female Phyllis Campbell. The 2011 convention is going international, bringing together Phil Campbells from around the world to convene in a small Southern town of the same name.

The attendees had planned on joining in a festival in June to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of Phil Campbell, Ala. Now, they plan to pitch in as volunteers to help the town rebuild.

The Wall Street Journal reports,

Phil Campbell in Fayetteville, Ga., and a Phillip Campbell in Birmingham, Ala., plan to volunteer immediately, said Mr. Campbell of Brooklyn. Phil Campbell of Chattanooga, Tenn., is updating news about the damage and recovery by Facebook.

Supporters can find out more information about the Phil Campbell Convention on their Facebook page. The group hopes to set up a way to collect donations on their website and to attract corporate donors for their efforts.

Whatever your name may be, if you're looking for ways to help communities in Alabama and other states affected by the recent severe storms, click over to our How To Help page.