'South Park' To Spoof The Comedy Awards (VIDEO)

05/02/2011 04:47 pm ET | Updated Apr 24, 2012

When Viacom networks hosted the first annual Comedy Awards in March, it didn't take long for most of the funny people in attendance to point out a conflict of interest. When you have five people, TV shows or movies up for an award by Viacom and the Viacom-produced nominee wins, you can't expect a room full of comedians not to call B.S.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker put it best, saying: "Winning this award feels like being student of the month and your mom’s the teacher," after accepting their award for best animated series. Now, they're taking things a step further and making a mockery of the ceremony on an upcoming episode of "South Park."

In the preview clip below, class comedian Jimmy hosts the first ever South Park Elementary Comedy Awards on a stage that very closely resembles The setting of the actual Comedy Awards. While it looks like the real subject of the episode will be about a lot of angry Germans, we're really looking forward to seeing what other jabs Matt and Trey will take at the awards show at which they were honored just over a month ago.


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