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Amazon Tablet Rumors: New Device To Ship This Fall, Sources Say

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Is Amazon prepping a new tablet for 2011?

A few weeks ago, Gdgt's Peter Rojas reported that Samsung was rumored to be building a tablet device for Amazon.

Now, according to DigiTimes, Quanta Computer has received orders from Amazon to build a tablet PC, with peak orders between 700,000 and 800,000.

Business Insider expects to see an Amazon tablet shipping as early this summer, but probably in the fall.

It's not a big stretch for Amazon. Barnes & Noble already jumped into the tablet space with the Nook, and Amazon has both the content and distribution systems in place to make a viable tablet competitor.

Back in March, Amazon launched its own Android app store, offering over 15 million songs via its iTunes-esque music store. The store also features movie streaming via Instant Videos, cloud-based storage on Amazon's Cloud Drive, and millions of ebooks through the cross-platform Kindle service.

What do you think? Could an Amazon Android tablet be successful in the increasingly crowded tablet space? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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