05/03/2011 08:13 am ET | Updated Jul 03, 2011

Glenn Beck Celebrates Bin Laden's Death With Marching Band (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck celebrated the death of Osama Bin Laden with cookies, confetti and a marching band: but not before pretending to castigate people for participating in the same kinds of celebrations.

Beck began his Monday show on a seemingly solemn note. He said that footage of the celebrations at the White House, Ground Zero and across the country reminded him of the rejoicing by some over 9/11. He called those celebrations "offensive" and said, "America, we are better than this. We are better than jumping into lakes and holding signs and cigars. I think we're better than that."

Then, Beck abruptly switched gears.

"I mean, why hand out candy when you can have cookies and confetti and a marching band, huh?" he said. With that, confetti began falling from the ceiling, a plate of cookies was produced, and a marching band emerged. Beck even danced a little bit as the band played.

He then said he had started by feeling "bad" about the celebrations, but thought, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

So: did Beck's joke go too far? Or was it an appropriate celebration? Tell us in the poll below.