Jennifer Lawrence Dishes On Her Show-Stopping Oscars Dress (PHOTOS)

05/03/2011 12:56 pm ET | Updated Jul 03, 2011

20-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence sat down for ASOS Magazine's June issue to talk style and model the site's newest wares for summer.

On her show-stopping, "Baywatch" red Oscars dress by Calvin Klein:

"I hadn't worn red before. I didn't have anything red in my closet and needed to push myself. I was persuaded to wear the hot pink Oscar de la Renta [at January's Screen Actors Guild awards], and I had ended up happy wearing that, so it inspired me to wear the red at the Oscars."

On a failed shopping trip:

"My friend and I were deciding what to do one day -- it was the outlet mall or skydiving, and we took a wrong turn and ended up at the skydiving place. The best experience. It was so good, the most freeing feeling."

On her strange relationship with designers:

"I get sent plants from designers. Weird plants. I got a branch with all these flowers on, but it doesn't have roots so I know it can't survive. I have no idea what to do with it. And a flower with spikes -- I don't know if it takes water or blood."

Take a look at Jennifer's photo shoot. All ASOS images by Benny Horne.