05/03/2011 12:42 pm ET | Updated Jul 03, 2011

Twin Waterspouts Appear In Hawaii (VIDEO)

Waterspouts are not an everyday occurrence in Hawaii, especially not twin waterspouts.

Lightning and thunderstorms accompanied the spouts that appeared off Ala Moana on Monday, leaving Honolulu County under a flash flood warning, according to KITV. A large portion of Oahu was left without power yesterday evening, though the exact cause of the outage was unknown.

“I saw a lightning flash near my dorm,” Shanelle Solomon, a University of Hawaii-Manoa senior told the Star-Advertiser. “It was like a purple string in the sky, like straight down.”

In all, the waterspouts, which can be seen in the video below, lasted about 12 minutes.

According to the Star-Advertiser, hail and increased lightning began as the sun went down. Despite the appearance of the spouts, there seems to have been no injuries reported resulting from the extreme weather.