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Twin Waterspouts Appear In Hawaii (VIDEO)

Twin Waterspouts Hawaii

The Huffington Post   First Posted: 05/03/11 01:42 PM ET Updated: 07/03/11 06:12 AM ET

Waterspouts are not an everyday occurrence in Hawaii, especially not twin waterspouts.

Lightning and thunderstorms accompanied the spouts that appeared off Ala Moana on Monday, leaving Honolulu County under a flash flood warning, according to KITV. A large portion of Oahu was left without power yesterday evening, though the exact cause of the outage was unknown.

“I saw a lightning flash near my dorm,” Shanelle Solomon, a University of Hawaii-Manoa senior told the Star-Advertiser. “It was like a purple string in the sky, like straight down.”

In all, the waterspouts, which can be seen in the video below, lasted about 12 minutes.

According to the Star-Advertiser, hail and increased lightning began as the sun went down. Despite the appearance of the spouts, there seems to have been no injuries reported resulting from the extreme weather.