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Man Plows Into Alaskan Brewing Company, Steals Beer

First Posted: 05/04/11 05:48 PM ET   Updated: 11/15/11 10:31 AM ET

Sometimes, nothing can stand between a thirsty guy and a cold brew.

An Alaska man is facing multiple charges for allegedly smashing a stolen vehicle into a Juneau brewery before fleeing the scene with several kegs of beer.

Michael Rae, 54, made his impromptu beverage run sometime early Friday, police said. A morning shift worker at the Alaskan Brewing Company noticed the damage at the front of the brewery's retail store and alerted authorities.

Police received a call regarding the crash at 4:59 a.m, according to Juneua Police Department sergeant David Campbell, who said that roughly $400 in beer was stolen.

"The front doors were smashed in, one door was just completely gone and the other door was pushed in," Campbell told AOL Weird News.

Brewery spokeswoman Ashley Johnston called the incident, which caused an estimated $15,000 in damages, a "literal smash and grab," according to the Alaska Public Radio Network.

“It was a couple kegs and a few 12 packs, so a comparatively small amount of beer," Johnston said.

By Friday afternoon, Juneau police had recovered the stolen brews and arrested Rae at the nearby Switzer Village trailer park.

Rae is charged with second degree burglary, third degree theft and vehicle theft.

Michael Rae
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Alaska police say Michael Rae, 54, smashed a stolen vehicle into a brewery in Juneau and proceeded to steal several kegs of beer as well as a few 12 packs. He allegedly caused $15,000 in damages. He was arrested at the nearby Switzer Village trailer park.
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