05/04/2011 01:42 pm ET | Updated Jul 04, 2011

Raul Barrientos Accused Of Raping Special Needs Student At Fullerton College

A 22-year-old man named Raul Barrientos was charged Wednesday with raping a 19-year-old special needs student at Fullerton College in California.

The Daily Breeze has more:

Another Fullerton College student called campus security Friday afternoon to report a suspicious man on campus who was following her, [Deputy District Attorney Mark] Birney said.

A security officer responding to that call found Barrientos on the campus, where he allegedly attacked a 19-year-old woman who takes special education classes at the college, the prosecutor said.

Barrientos is accused of taking the woman -- who is at the developmental level of a 5- to 6-year-old child, wears leg braces on both legs and has a speech impairment -- into a men's room stall, where he allegedly raped her, Birney said


Barrientos could face up to 150 years in prison if convicted of the charges which include kidnapping, rape of an incompetent person and sexual penetration by a foreign object by force.