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'USA' Chant FAIL: Man Can't Get Subway Riders To Celebrate Bin Laden's Death (VIDEO)

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A crowded L train was no place to rejoice in the death of Osama bin Laden.

Animal NY posted this video of a videographer trying to get straphangers to chant "U-S-A, U-S-A" to celebrate the killing of Bin Laden by a team of Navy Seals.

"Bin Laden's dead, anybody give a shit?" the frustrated man asks. "You're welcome to the military and everyone who protects you while you sleep." The tired commuters roll their eyes in response (and there are even a few errant middle fingers raised).

After news of bin Laden's death emerged, New Yorkers celebrated in Times Square and Ground Zero. But some have begun to question whether the news is worthy of such jubilation.

Tel Aviv-based journalist and HuffPost blogger Mya Guarnieri writes that these celebrations are eerily similar to the ones that sprouted up after 9/11.

It's been particularly troubling to me, an American-Israeli, to watch these events unfold from Tel Aviv. I've heard too many Israelis justify the occupation of Palestinian territory with statements like, "They're animals, they celebrate when we're killed." I've heard the same rhetoric come from American mouths, "The Muslim world cheered after the 9/11 attacks."

Americans -- many of whom consider their so-called War on Terror morally righteous -- must ask themselves if the images of their celebrations really look so different than those that they condemn.

Guarnieri adds that, "A death of a human being should never be celebrated."

Milwaukee Bucks player Chris Douglas Roberts was chastised by his fans after he Tweeted similar sentiments.

WATCH the subway rider's doomed attempts to stir up patriotism:

He must have wanted to recreate this moment.