WATCH: Shania Twain Talks Affairs, Divorce On 'Oprah,' 'Today Show'

05/04/2011 08:17 pm ET | Updated Jul 04, 2011
  • Ashley Reich Senior Editor of Weddings & Divorce, The Huffington Post

In back-to-back television interviews, Shania Twain broke her silence on her divorce from producer Mutt Lange, which she details in her recently published memoir, "From This Moment On."

The notoriously private singer, who separated from Lange in May 2008 after discovering he was having an affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud, told Oprah Tuesday that she "begged" Thiebaud to leave her and her family alone. Both Thiebaud and Lange have denied their alleged infidelities.

Noting that "we all have pathetic moments," Twain read an excerpt from her memoir that contains a letter she sent Thiebaud after finding out about the affair.

"I loved him so much, and I can’t cope anymore. I don’t want life or love anymore, I just want peace," she writes. "Why are you torturing me? Let it go, please. If you could see me crying and suffering, maybe you would have pity."

Despite her anger about the way her marriage ended, Twain took credit for her role in their split as well.

"I cannot hold my husband responsible for the breakdown of our marriage...What he owed to at least explain why you’re leaving the marriage. He owed me the truth," she said. "But the fact that the marriage broke down is nobody’s fault, that is just a mutual breakdown of communication between two people."

She also opened up about her current relationship with her ex, who declined to comment on Twain's book for the show.

WATCH her response:

On the "Today Show" Wednesday, Twain said that writing the memoir was "therapeutic and very healing."

"It helped me crawl out of the hole of obsession that I had dug for myself regarding my separation and divorce that I got stuck in," she said.

Twain recently remarried Frederic Thiebaud--Marie-Anne's ex-husband--in January, putting her own happy twist on what she calls a "double betrayal" by her ex-husband and best friend.

"Everyone deserves love, and I feel very grateful," she said.