Cream Puff Could Become Official State Dessert Of Wisconsin (VIDEO)

05/05/2011 04:46 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

These kids may look sweet, but they have serious political ambitions.

Thanks to the efforts of a few Wisconsin fourth graders, legislators in America's Dairyland could pass a bill to distinguish the cream puff as the state's official desert.

The fourth grade class from Mukwonago's Clarendon Avenue School started a Facebook group to advance their cause, and eventually convinced state Sen. Mary Lazich (R) to introduce a bill.

The legislation must be passed and signed by Gov. Scott Walker (R) to become official.

The students have also received some welcomed support from the Wisconsin Bakers Association, which has distributed promotional flyers to its members across the state.

Cream puffs are a mainstay at the Wisconsin State Fair, where fairgoers have consumed over 3.6 million of the sweet treats over the past decade, according to Lazich's office.

The desserts are certainly popular, but it's unclear whether they'll find a spot alongside Wisconsin's many established state symbols, like the wood violet (the state flower), red granite (the state rock), and milk (the state beverage).



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