Map Illustrates Scenes From New York Movies

05/05/2011 09:17 am ET | Updated Jul 05, 2011

Bernie Hou wants to know if you can name all 91 movies on his "New York Movie Map".

If you can, and you're the first to send Hou the list of all the films referenced in his illustration, he'll send you a free 18 x 24 print.

The drawing crams a lot of scenes into a 12 square mile area of Manhattan. Of course there are the more obvious answers (Ghostbusters, Citizen Kane etc...) but there's also some that we're having trouble with (who's the naked woman in front of the Statue Of Liberty? Is that from "Splash"?).

Hou's been taking a little break from his hit blog, Alien Loves Predator, to watch a lot of New York films and put this drawing together. His New York film favorites? The Warriors and Escape From New York. Least favorite? Sex and the City.

It's an impressive depiction of how our hometown lives in the imagination of viewers across the world. Or as Hou puts it, "If it seems like all the movies you’ve ever seen take place somewhere in New York City, that’s because they do. New York is where the aliens must attack, where landmarks are destroyed, where the world ends, and where good-looking people go to find other good-looking people. It's practically a law."

Buy the print here. Check out Hou's Twitter here.

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