Pregnant Tina Fey 'SNL' Promos: Swearing For Two & Her 'Alien' Baby (VIDEO)

05/05/2011 08:43 am ET | Updated Jul 05, 2011

A slowly expanding Tina Fey shot two hilarious promos for her stint as host on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, one with Keenan Thompson and one with her "alien" baby-to-be.

In the first one, Fey rattles off a number of words you can't say on live television before proudly declaring, “F**k yeah, I’m swearing for two these days!”

In the second we see Fey and baby bump backstage at "SNL." While Fey isn't the first pregnant woman to host, she's definitely the first one to host while pregnant with an alien fetus.

Watch Fey host "SNL" with musical guest Ellie Goulding this Saturday May 7 at 11:30 EST.



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