05/05/2011 11:15 am ET | Updated Jul 05, 2011

Rob Lowe Flusters Mika Brzezinski On 'Morning Joe' (VIDEO)

Rob Lowe got Mika Brzezinski quite flustered when he recounted their 1980s past on Thursday's "Morning Joe."

Lowe was promoting his new book, and he and Mika reminisced about when she was his apprentice at the Williamstown Theater in the early '80s. But as soon as he started speaking, she seemingly got more and more untethered:

ROB: "My recollection is you and I--"

MIKA: "Oh God--"

ROB: "--under many an apple tree--"

MIKA: "Oh lord--"

ROB: "--just drilling down on the Chekhovian dialogue--"

MIKA (shrieking and putting her papers in front of her face): "OK!"

"You were a very young man, and you were an aggressive man," she continued. "My memory is that you really weren't having that much of what I was selling," he said.

A little later, Lowe joked, "there's still time, by the way," which rendered Mika temporarily speechless. Willie Geist cut in, saying, "happily married, beautiful children."

"Right! Right! Absolutely," Mika said.


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