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Drugs, War, Bells And The GOP: The South Carolina Debategasm

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Did you miss last night's GOP presidential debate in South Carolina, between four people who have only a slim chance of ever being the party's nominee and a Tim Pawlenty-themed holographic screensaver? I have to imagine that many of you did, since it's May, more than a year from the 2012 elections, and you have "lives."

That's okay, though: Our own Ben Craw has condensed the entire 90-minute affair into a four minute video that hits all the highlights. Thrill to the sight of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson asking for more questions! Delight in Texas Rep. Ron Paul's hilarious depiction of heroin use. Swoon over ex-Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum's gritted teeth demeanor -- and maybe suggest he get checked out for TMJ.

And listen to the time's up bell, dinging and dinging, forever! I think that the bell was the clear winner of last night's debate. The bell's platform of "you shut up now" really resonated with me. Anyone know if the bell is staffing up in Iowa? Because I loved the tintinnabulation that so musically wells! From the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells! BELL 2012!


Video produced by Ben Craw

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