How Old is Old? 'Outliers'

05/09/2011 10:14 am ET | Updated Jul 06, 2011

Charlie Cook says Bin Laden's death is a shot of adrenaline for Democrats but not a cure; Stu Rothenberg says his death isn't a big deal.

Bill McInturff catalogs approval bumps from major national security events; Josh Green asks why FDR's Pearl Harbor polling bounce was so small.

David Hill says Bin Laden's killing won't save Obama.

Mark Mellman thinks Obama's rally will be temporary.

Frank Newport expects a rally in Obama's approval rating.

Jim Geraghty speculates that it could make Obama more credible on national security issues; Patrick Egan thinks that's true, but it will be temporary.

An NBC News poll finds most Americans agree with Obama's decision not to release photos of Bin Laden.

The New York Times maps responses to Bin Laden's death (via Flowing Data).

GOOD Magazine maps Gallup data on Bin Laden's killing.

Nathan Yau shares a chart of tweets per second during Obama's Bin Laden announcement.

The Pew Global Attitudes Project reminds us that Osama bin Laden has been largely discredited in the Muslim world.

Harry Enten projects Minnesota marriage ban as likely to pass.

David Shor reviews the accuracy of Canadian election forecasts.

The Marist Poll asks what age is "old.".

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