Jerry Seinfeld's First TV Appearance (VIDEO)

05/06/2011 01:37 pm ET | Updated Jul 06, 2011
  • The Huffington Post

A video of a young Jerry Seinfeld performing stand-up comedy in 1977 is making the rounds on the Web.

In the clip, Seinfeld, wearing glasses and a wide-collared shirt, jokes about Roosevelt Island's "new tramway," the tram connecting Manhattan to the narrow swath of land in the East River.

"I think that this is a terrific thing," Seinfeld says. "The city's on the verge of bankruptcy [and] they're putting up rides for us."

The YouTube description says the video is from Celebrity Cabaret, a weekly show hosted by Richard Hall, and that it's the comedian's first appearance on national television. But E! Online calls it his "Very first TV gig."

Earlier this week The New York Times reported that Seinfeld would today launch his own website featuring three clips each day of his stand up comedy.