05/08/2011 12:41 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2011

Saugatuck Middle School Might Include LGBT Studies In Sex Ed (VIDEO)

While California schools debate compulsory LGBT studies in history class, a West Michigan school district might have eighth graders learn about LGBT issues as part of its new sex education curriculum.

The Saugatuck Middle School sexual advisory committee is proposing that students watch the video "Coming Out: What Every Teen (Gay or Straight) Needs To Know," WZZM reports. The video discusses tolerance, bullying and identity issues.

"The video really focuses on issues of sexual harassment," said Superintendent Rolfe Timmerman.

The video is available for parents to watch, and the issue has the community talking. Parents with three teens said discussion of alternative lifestyles should come from home:

"The natural, basics should be taught in school, and parents or elders should teach anything beyond that."

Another community member had a strong opinion on those who oppose the video.

"I would say that maybe they need to get educated a little bit about it. Maybe they need to watch the 20-minute video and see what it's about."

Timmerman says the video is worth discussing, WZZM reports. The school board will vote in June on the issue.