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'The Office': Will Ferrell Juggles Without Balls (VIDEO)

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Will Ferrell's much anticipated stint on "The Office" seems to be coming to a close, but not before he demonstrated why he was chosen for the job.

On last night's episode, Deangelo Vickers got into quite a number of "Michael Scott" moments. His exclusion of the women of the office in an "inner circle" raises questions about his being sexist, and his constant bragging puts him in quite of a lot of pain (watch the full episode to see what we mean).

But the highlight was definitely the following motivational juggling routine. When Vickers reveals he has this "talent," Andy happily throws him some balls to demonstrate. But, as you might expect, Vickers finds a reason to forgo the balls altogether and perform his act (to that relentless Evanescence song) in full-on mime.


Via Gotcha Media

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