05/09/2011 08:34 am ET | Updated Jul 09, 2011

Katy Perry Or Dita Von Teese: Who Wore It Better?

When we first saw Katy Perry's new Vanity Fair cover, we thought, "That's cute...she's doing her best Dita Von Teese impression," but we didn't realize that the burlesque star had once struck the same pose in a very similar outfit.

The New York Post points out that Von Teese donned a flesh-color corset (look at that waist!) and pin-up-worthy tresses at her 2008 Wonderbra photo shoot. She previously told the newspaper, "People have always copied my style. I used to have friends who would dye their hair exactly the same shade as mine. I see it as a compliment," adding, "Katy and I are friends. She comes to a lot of my shows, but she [recently] came backstage and said: 'I am taking all of this (gesturing at her hair and costume).'"

We're not sure you can make the argument that the songstress is ripping off Dita's style left and right (mainly because we don't follow Katy's every move...Dita, yes, Katy, nooo), as the Post asserts. But we can ask one of our favorite questions...