James Mejia: 'Romer Campaign Will Be The Best Way To Move Denver Forward'

05/09/2011 08:08 pm ET | Updated Jul 09, 2011

James Mejia gave his support to Chris Romer in a press conference at his former campaign headquarters Monday, saying he had remained undecided until Sunday. Mejia was eagerly sought by both Michael Hancock and Romer's campaigns, but said he ultimately went with Romer because of their resemblance on issues.

In Denver's narrow mayoral race last week, Mejia lost the runoff by about 1,500 votes. Romer was the top vote-getter with over 28 percent of the vote, forcing a June 7 runoff between him and candidate Michael Hancock since neither got more than 50 percent of the vote.

In a statement, Mejia said:

I know Michael Hancock well. We have known each other for 20 years and I respect his work and his career. I also know Chris Romer and the Romer family. Chris' brother Tom and I went to high school together. But this isn't about who I know best, this is about who is best equipped to move Denver forward.

Last week Hancock received the endorsement of fourth place candidate Doug Linkhart, who received just over nine percent of the vote, and Romer won the endorsement of Theresa Spahn who was the fifth place candidate. Hancock also won the support of Carol Boigon, who dropped out of the race before the election when a Denver Post/9News poll showed her lagging behind.

"James ran a fantastic campaign and his ground game was unparalleled," Romer said of Mejia's endorsement in a statement.

Hancock responded to Mejia's endorsement of Romer in a release:

I know this was not an easy decision for James to make. He ran a great campaign and I wish him luck in his future endeavors. From the beginning of our campaign, we knew this was going to be a race earned through hard work. I am no stranger to struggle and am determined to win this race. We will continue to build momentum and will work hard to earn the support of Denver voters over the next four weeks, including those who voted for James. We are all Denver and we welcome Mejia supporters to Team Hancock.

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