05/09/2011 05:32 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2011

Tumblr Down: Was 4Chan Responsible?

A Tumblr outage has sparked furious Web debate: was it 4Chan's fault?

Signs suggest the cause of the outage might be less benign. Gawker isolated a thread on 4Chan's site where users talk about launching a denial-of-service attack on Tumblr. Rumblings of a 4Chan "invasion" spread through Tumblr this weekend, in what seems to be a reprise of last fall's Tumblr v. 4Chan smackdown.

However, according to Tumblr, "Two hardware failures in the same database cluster have dramatically lowered performance for those blogs. Recovery is moving quickly." Tumblr tweeted at 5:12, "The affected blogs are coming back online now." Is the service still down for you?