05/10/2011 03:03 pm ET | Updated Jul 10, 2011

Google's Android@Home Will Be Remote Control For Appliances

Google announced a number of upcoming features for the Android platform during Tuesday's I/O developers' conference. One exciting project, Android@Home, will bring the platform beyond the confines of mobile devices.

Android@Home will allow Android devices to detect and communicate with household appliances via WiFi.

Think of it as an Android-based remote control for your home's light switches, thermostats, kitchen appliances and more.

For example, Google's Project Tungsten brings remote music management and playback to Android, much like Apple's AirPlay or Sonos's wireless music system. Users will be able to stream tunes from Google's new cloud-based music service to speakers that are connected to the Android home network. Google also showed off NFC-equipped CD cases that, when touched to a Tungsten device, start playing the CD on the network's audio system.

Android@Home may be ready by late 2011, Google said on Tuesday.