05/11/2011 01:32 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2011

Dave Wolfsen Drives Tractor Across America To Raise $200,000 For Charity

When Dave Wolfsen restored his 1937 cherry-red COOP #2 tractor, it wasn't to show off his sweet paint job around town. Rather, he's preparing it for a drive across 48 states to help people in need.

In June, WZZM reports that Wolfsen will begin his cross-country trip in an effort to raise $200,000 for two charity organizations.

Better known around Freemont, Mich. as "Tractor Dave" -- or the "Ambassador on a Tractor" -- he's been deeply involved in various outreach efforts for years. After Hurricane Katrina, he went down south to participate in the region's restoration and relief. And earlier this year, he traveled to Nicaragua to help organize farming projects.

He hopes to inspire others to become active in their communities, telling WZZM that it's important not just to give money, but to give time as well:

"I think you have a better understanding of what other people go through. You know it but you don't feel it, and when you feel it, it becomes totally different."

Tractor Dave has set up a website and a Facebook page, where supporters can follow him along the journey or host a fundraising event when he arrives in a nearby town.


Donations raised online or through Tractor Dave's fundraising events will be used to support the Food Resource Bank and the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee. You can donate directly to his fund by following the Impact links below: