05/11/2011 05:32 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2011

Denver Mayor Runoff 2011: Hancock, Romer Seek Endorsements From Local Leaders

The Denver mayoral runoff voting day is not until June 7, but Michael Hancock and Chris Romer are not wasting any time winning over the electorate by garnering the endorsements of respected Colorado leaders.

Here is what people are saying about Michael Hancock:

Former Governor Bill Ritter says this about Hancock, as The Denver Post reports:

So for me, the question was 'Should I do this because I so believe in Michael and his ability to lead?' and the answer was 'Yes.’

Paul Sandoval, northwest Denver leader of the Latino community, had this to say about Hancock, according to Hancock’s website:

After being involved in local, statewide and national politics for nearly 50 years, I know firsthand what makes a great leader and the qualities that person needs to make a great mayor -- Michael embodies these qualities. His service as one of City Hall's finest leaders and his deep roots in his community along with his understanding of how businesses work lead me to choose Michael. He has the proven track record of building bridges between neighborhoods in Denver as well as building bridges between the business community and government. He will need all of these skills as our next Mayor.

According to The Denver Post, District 8 Representative Charlie Brown says this about Hancock:

There are deep and serious challenges that face our city, especially the city budget. But with solid leadership and planning we must — and will — address those issues. Michael is sure and he is steady, and sure and steady beats fast and furious every time.

Doug Linkhart, City Councilman At-Large, says about Hancock, “He’ll create better opportunities for young people, spend our money more wisely and bring community into government.” Watch Linkhart’s entire statement below.


This is what people are saying about Chris Romer:

Colorado State Senator Polly Baca called Romer a ‘hero’ for his work with immigrant students across Colorado with Denver’s New America School, according to The Denver Post. Baca was also quoted as saying:

I have the great privilege of speaking about Chris Romer and I'm just as honored to be here with my original candidate for mayor. Chris was also one of the first to jump on board when we needed the tuition equity to pass the state legislature.

Third-place mayoral candidate James Mejia made this announcement about Romer from his Facebook page:

I unequivocally support his candidacy to become the next mayor of Denver. Our campaigns will merge completely, I will take a prominent role in Chris Romer’s mayoral bid and together we will ensure that Denverites are put back to work, that Denver is positioned as the sustainability capital of the West, that our world-class city has a world-class education system, and that we maintain our excellent arts and culture system.

Another former mayoral candidate Theresa Spahn says about Romer, “He knows Denver, has the ability to bring a new vision to our city, will help create good jobs, will restore the confidence in the Denver Police Department and will create the much needed efficiencies within our own city agencies.” Watch her entire statement below:


To learn more about the candidates, visit Michael Hancock for Mayor and Romer for Mayor.