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Islam On Twitter

First Posted: 05/12/11 03:01 PM ET   Updated: 07/12/11 06:12 AM ET

No example is more powerful a testament to the growing impact of social media than the ongoing revolutions of the Arab Spring. Twitter, Facebook and other social media has drastically changed the way people engage with their civic and religious communities, both locally and globally.

At HuffPost Religion we have compiled a list of prominent Muslim voices on Twitter to share with you. Their feeds are great for staying connected with the important issues affecting Muslims in the United States and in countries around the world. They offer insightful reaction and commentary that is helpful for anyone interested in Islam, interfaith relations, the intersection of religion and politics, or global affairs. It is our hope that you will join their conversation on Twitter and here at HuffPost Religion.

Be sure to add to our list below if you have a great recommendation for a Muslim voice on Twitter, and follow @HuffPostRelig for news and commentary on Islam and other faiths.

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Farah Pandith
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Farah Pandith
At the Muslim Women\'s Empowerment Conference in Irvine #California. Talking about the responsibility of #women to build stronger communities
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