05/12/2011 02:17 pm ET | Updated Jul 12, 2011

Elway Has Mixed Feelings About Both Orton and Tebow On Roster

Kyle Orton may have been at the first team practice on Monday, as The Denver Post reported early in the week, but Elway is undecided about his competing star quarterbacks.

Interviewed on Sirius XM Radio on Tuesday, Elway was quoted as saying “It’s hard to tell” if Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow will both be on the team’s Week One roster.

As NBC Sports ProFootballTalk reports:

Elway pointed out via Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post that the new coaching staff hasn’t even seen the players in action live, so it’s too early to assume anything. His comments make it sound like Orton will be available.

Of course, the lockout may derail all of these negotiations if the NFL and players cannot come to terms soon.