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Yasmin Le Bon Dishes On Over-Exercising, Her Weight & Living Off 'The Odd Bread Roll' (PHOTOS)

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Supermodel (and wife of Duran Duran's lead singer Simon) Yasmin Le Bon sat down with June's Harper's Bazaar UK to talk about her personal regimen these days. The 46-year-old seems to have ditched a slew of bad habits for a life of Wing Chun kung-fu, Ashram retreats and, well, eating.

On keeping fit:
"I've definitely had an issue with over-exercising at times, and I had to give it all up for a year or two to let my body mend. It sounds ridiculous, but exercise is addictive -- it draws you in and you ignore the pain, so I'm careful now."

On aging:
"As we get older, there are things we have to accept. I know that now my body needs to be heavier -- I'm over a stone more than I used to be."

On her diet:
"What suits me better is eating lightly through the day, then having a proper, but not huge, meal at night. It's a less extreme version of how I ate when I was modelling full time -- although, back then, I lived off the odd bread roll if I was lucky. But I just love food. I'm not a fussy eater, and I love wine -- it's a great, quick fix."

We, too, have found wine is a great, quick fix for just about everything. For more, head over to

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