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Apple's Next iPhone Could Be '4S': More Carriers, No 4G LTE

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According to an analyst, the next iPhone might be called 'iPhone 4S' rather than 'iPhone 5."

On Friday, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek released a note regarding the next-generation iPhone. According to Business Insider, his report claims the handset will "include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support."

If this intel is accurate, the handset will be available from carriers Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile. However, Misek pointed out that the device might not support 4G connections. Thus, the new phone could only be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 4.

Past rumors have suggested a dual-core processor, as well as the possibility of a T-Mobile iPhone, especially if the carrier's merger with AT&T is successful. More recently, an iPhone prototype running on T-Mobile's network found its way into the hands of netizens.

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