05/15/2011 09:36 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2011

Maryland Scores Hidden Ball Trick Goal, Beats North Carolina 13-6 In NCAA Lacrosse Tournament (VIDEO)

Maryland's men's lacrosse team pulled off an unbelievable hidden ball trick goal in the middle of their 13-6 beat down over No. 8 North Carolina in the first round of the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament.

Holding on to an 8-5 lead in the third quarter, Maryland's Brian Farrell pretended to toss the ball to teammate Grant Catalino. But Farrell quickly caught the ball before Catalino could retrieve it in midair. Catalino faked the entire North Carolina, along with the cameraman, by attacking the net without the ball. Farrell sneakily ran to the other side of the goal and passed it to Drew Snider, who immediately scored on the bewildered Tar Heels.