05/15/2011 11:51 pm ET | Updated Jul 16, 2011

8 Foods To Soothe Allergy Symptoms

With parts of the country slogging through what many experts are calling the worst allergy season ever -- yes, ever -- these past few weeks have just been brutal for a lot of people. (Although as "New York Magazine" points out, that is one superlative that gets thrown around a lot.)

Regardless, this has been a tough time for a lot of people who are dealing with constant sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and runny eyes while trying to go about their daily lives. Many find relief in topical or oral medications, but some experts say you can also find relief in natural remedies, including certain foods.

Experts caution, though, that research supporting a direct connection between nutrition and allergy relief is still limited. "Is there an immediate, direct correlation between eating something today and having allergy relief tomorrow?" asked Mike Tringale, vice president of external affairs at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. "Probably not. There's not a whole lot of clinical evidence of that one-to-one, direct connection. But there's absolutely no doubt that what we put into our body affects our health, especially for people who have things like allergies and asthma."

With that in mind, take a look through our list of the foods you might consider eating or avoiding this allergy season to keep symptoms at bay. As always, consult your with your doctor to determine what course of action, if any, is best for you. You may also want to speak with your doctor about eliminating common food allergy triggers, which can make environmental reactions even worse.

Allergy Season: Foods To Eat And Avoid