05/16/2011 11:45 am ET | Updated Jul 16, 2011

Chicago's Blackstone Bicycle Works Wins 'Brew-lanthropy' Award (VIDEO)

Seattle's Best Coffee was on the lookout for organizations doing great things in their community, despite all odds, and found a South Side bike shop that fit the bill.

Blackstone Bicycle Works, a bike shop in the 6100 block of South Blackstone Avenue, brings in young people from the neighborhood to learn how to work on bikes, and rewards those who put in regular hours in the Youth Bicycle Education program with bikes of their own.

For the second time in ten years, Blackstone suffered a fire last September, losing 400 bikes. But the shop's owners have carried on in the face of those disasters, serving hundreds of Woodlawn youth since 1994.

Seattle's Best recognized Blackstone with its first-ever "Brew-lanthropy Award." As Gapers Block writes, the store won $5,000, as well as a break-room makeover and a year's supply of coffee and hot chocolate.

As part of the prize, the coffee company also made a brief documentary about the youth programs at Blackstone.

Watch the short clip: