Google News Gets New Features, Less Clutter

05/16/2011 05:40 pm ET | Updated Jul 16, 2011

Google News: now a little easier to navigate.

The search giant's aggregate news product has added a new feature to its Top Stories page that collapses story clusters into a single top headline with a brief summary.

Hovering over the headline presents a click-to-expand button, which opens the related stories, though only the top headline includes a summary.

Some related stories are labeled with descriptions like "Highly Cited" or "In Depth" to help readers get a sense of the article before they click.

Single-click sharing feature and links to related news sections also appear in the expanded story box, and a bar of video and photos sits along the bottom of the box.

In any expandable story box, the top three headlines will appear the same for every user. Stories located below the top three can be personalized to fit users' individual interests.

Check it this new feature in the screenshot (below), or visit Google News and try it out for yourself.

LOOK: [via Google News Blog]

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