05/17/2011 02:32 pm ET | Updated Jul 17, 2011

Chris Christie Gets Booed At Seton Hall Commencement

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was loudly booed at Seton Hall's graduation ceremony earlier today, where he delivered a commencement address to the university's 2,281 graduates. One student even yelled "shut up" in the middle of the speech.

The Setonian has more:

Christie acknowledged those who did not welcome him, and began his speech as a "proud alumnus" of Seton Hall.

He referred to a New York Times Magazine cover that referred to him as "the disruptor," and said, "I think a disruptor is someone who is willing to challenge the status quo."

"You need to be a disruptor in the way that your heart and your mind tells you to be a disruptor," he added.

Christie has been a subject of controversy after he proposed heavy budget cuts to New Jersey's education system.