'Teen Wheels' Spoofs 90s Teen Sitcoms In Darkest Way Possible (VIDEO)

05/17/2011 10:37 am ET | Updated Jul 17, 2011

The teen sitcoms of yesteryear have many cliches. The canned laughter. The khakis. The mugging for the camera. Shall we go on?

Now that it's 2011, it's high time to make fun of the cheesy 90s teen sitcoms we used to love as well as the ones we barely remember ("Saved By The Bell" spin-off "California Dreams," anyone?). Cue "Teen Wheels," a new web series from some hilarious minds that gives the stuff of "California Dreams" a dark, "Tim & Eric" style twist.

The show features all the same 90s cliches we remember as it follows the lives of teen driving school instructors Barry, Linda and Fran. But the "zany antics" these teens get into are not exactly the ones you saw on "Saved By The Bell" (what, Zach and the gang never had to dispose of their dead secretary's body?).

Watch the first (not exactly SFW) episode below, and make sure to click over to theamazingly 'vintage' website. Check the credits to see all the funny people involved, including a bunch of people from "The Onion" (you might even catch the "Polish Selena" in the studio audience!).


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