05/17/2011 02:08 pm ET | Updated Jul 17, 2011

Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton And Brady Quinn Are All In The Running For Bronco's Starting Quarterback

The NFL lockout appears to still be firmly in place after the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided in favor of the NFL over the players on Monday night. The appellate court sided with the NFL in a 2-1 vote agreeing that the lockout should stay in place until a full appeal is heard on whether or not it is legal, according to a 9News report.

This means that the league may not get back to business until next month or perhaps longer, however, more mediation is scheduled for today between the players and owners with high hopes that a resolution can be reached.

In the meantime, veteran safety Brian Dawkins is emerging as a strong-voiced leader, according to The Denver Post, keeping the team morale up and organizing practices to keep unity and Bronco pride high.

But, all this time off just keeps the rumor mill more active than usual. With constant speculation about who will actually be the starting quarterback. Tim Tebow seemed to be the early favorite over Kyle Orton, but John Elway himself said it was not a done deal and that he has mixed feelings on either choice, as reported on Huffington Post.

But, there is another distinct possibility as to who will start if and when the season gets rolling -- Brady Quinn. NBC Sports ProFootball reports on Chris Mortensen’s statememts to ESPN Radio:

I can tell you unequivocally that if you talk to John Elway and John Fox, they will tell you emphatically that Brady Quinn is absolutely in the mix in terms of the competition for the starting job. They are not handing it to Tim Tebow. They are not handing it to Kyle Orton. They may have a depth chart to start out, but I know in communicating and speaking to both men that Brady Quinn is not forgotten.