It's impossible to imagine how much money Disney pumps into advertising every year - the company's ads are everywhere. With that investment, though, comes a commercial legacy by which we can catch glimpses into Mickey's past. For a look back, we've rounded up five Disneyland commercials that once attracted visitors to the Mouse's California playground.

Photo: Screenshot/AdamConlea

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  • Pepsi Commercial, 1960s

    Ok, so this might technically be a commercial for Pepsi, but the footage of Disneyland in the 60s - including the <a href="" target="_hplink">lost flying saucers ride</a> - is pretty awesome.

  • Space Mountain, 1977

    This Space Mountain commercial - and its awesome special effects - was used to advertise the Tomorrowland roller coaster in its opening year of 1977.

  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, 1979

    1979 was the opening year for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster, the year when this ad promises that big thunder will strike daily - "only at Disneyland."

  • Splash Mountain, 1980s

    If this ad is like the others, it's probably from Splash Mountain's opening year of 1989, and definitely makes all those cute little critters look a tad dramatic. But, as is pointed out, it's a long way down after all.

  • "California Sun" commercial, 1980s

    This ad calls upon Disneyland's fabulous sunny SoCal location as a selling point, while the accompanying jam will have anyone dancing in their seats.